Saturday, January 28, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XXVII].

There are 27 book in the New Testament.

Today has been great. We went to downtown Fort Smith and learnt a lot about the history of the city. Pretty great stuff. After watching True Grit the other day, it was nice to learn more about that film and also about the city that's really just down the road.

For today:

In the can. The Can? You'll see.

Yea - the biggest beer can in the world. It's huge and it's amazing.

We went to Miss Laura's - the last remaining House of Ill Repute in the area. Non-functioning. Prostitution was outlawed in 1924, I think. In the 80s, this place was a restaurant. Now it's open to the public as a tour place thing. The other 6 houses in the area have since upped and left.

The Gallows. This bad boy can hang 12 people at once. Pretty gnarly. That's right. Gnarly. Although only 6 were hanged at once at most, it's still got the ability to hold twice that. Had to use the Wide-angle lens, too.

The Disputed Line. In 1825, the Indian Territory (Oklahoma from 1909) was ruled as starting from the point 100 paces East of the Fort (Smith) and continuing due South. In 1857, a survey found that the Native Americans had originally miscalculated and that their line favoured South-west. Instead of increasing the Indian Territory by a small strip on Arkansas' side of the Arkansas River, the Native Americans were given just over $68,000 for the correctly-calculated land. I think.

A solitary heron. I got a few photos of it, but this one is my favourite.

"Oh, swans," I thought. I focused the camera. "Ah, there's one more to the lefWHAT? PELICANS?! SWEET!" I wasn't expecting that.

A mother sparrow pretends not to notice me as I snap a picture of her and her nest. I was chasing a cardinal round for a while, but didn't get a good shot. I'm happy with this, though :)

Drawing, you say? Here's one.

Oh, you want another one? Well I guess there's this one.

Not much drawing got done today on account of us being outside all day and learning a lot of new things. It's a fair trade. I really want to just sit down and draw western things, though. I got a photo of a section of the list of the names of people hanged in Fort Smith, so I'm wanting to think of a story behind either their reason for being there or their capture. Whichever is more exciting.

I'm updating my Facebook profile. Need to stay hip.


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