Monday, November 29, 2010

A few more uploads :D

Rabbithead Man. My second favourite super-villain-turned-super-hero. I had a nice time doing this idea sheet for him today.

And the guy in the post below in another idea sheet which sees him getting limbs blown off. Losing concentration makes me make things lose things.

Another Rabbithead Man. The first one I did. I like it.
That's all for today.
I need to go home.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting the hang of this posting thing.

Well for today, I didn't do a whole lot of what I should have done...

I did doodle a bit.

Character design for one of my enemies - Big Mouth - and a colour palette that I didn't really adhere to.

Another Big Mouth idea and the one I will most probably keep and model in Maya. Ha. I hope.

This is concept work for a comic (I assume) called Gunhead. I love it. I looked at one of the figures on the right and had a go at drawing it again.

Here it is all coloured in.

And here's the linework.

Here are some more doodles.
I also did a couple of really short animations to see if I could. I could. They're not the best, but I know how to do them now. A bit more time and a bit more patience, I should be animating and things in little to no time.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sort of on time with this post.

A handful of images today. Mostly pen drawings. I like pen drawings.
The first sketch for my Bomb-Head character. I've modified it somewhat for a card for Thursdays' lessons. I'll post that the next time I'm on.

Post-Apocalyptic bloke. I may have posted this before, but I won't know until I hit the send button on this post.

The Monkey. My first nearly-all-my-work-with-no-help 3D model in Maya. Next time I'm hoping to cut down the help to but a few reminders.

A background doodle. I might do something more with this. I might not.

And a quick pen doodle of Ares - god of war. I've put this into photoshop and I'll show you some things when it's done. Don't expect much - I haven't really got the hang of the photoshop thing yet.

That's all for now.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A few things from the past few weeks... It's about time I tell you all again that I'm going to try and keep up to date with my posts. This time I've got the excuse/helpful idea that since I'm on the computer at least three days a week, I can use one of these days to show y'all a little bit of what I'm doing.

First Maya 'doodle'. A nice, big cartoony gun. I like it. I don't like Maya.

Today's work. I am very happy with this. A big thanks to Thom Rosell for all the help he gave me. I wanted to get it textures by the end of the day. An hour and forty minutes after the end of the day, I was finished.

Ideas for two characters that I'm thinking of including in the same game as the Maya doll above.

A character idea sheet for another game I'm working on. I'm excited about this game. This character didn't go through, though. It was replaced by a number of smaller characters.

And a mock-up of a card for the same game as the bomb-head character. The card's title: Big Gun.

That's about it for today. I'll have some more things next week. Sometime.