Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XXV].

25 days is the approximate rotation time of the sun.

Also, I'm 25. It's a good number at the moment.

I'm posting early today - earlier than ever (so far on this project). My wifey and I are going to be out tonight and as she's working tomorrow, we're needing to get to bed as soon as we get in, so I'm being all responsible like.

For today:

It's been raining all night. Before we went to bed we knew that we were in a flood warning zone (or something) for the next 36 hours. Our house is actually raised a bit, compared to the other plots on the street.

It doesn't mean the garden is completely dry, but we're only half covered.

As for the neighbours, yea. They're completely covered. Apparently, it's been bad enough before for them to be able to row a little inflatable boat around. Pretty sweet. Almost.

I'm working on drawing things that aren't violent or weapony. Here's a thing.

Here's my inspirational picture. In two days - the 27th of January - it will be the first anniversary of the death of this artist. His gallery is incredible - his artwork is phenomenal. He is missed loads and will continue to be missed. As uplifting and happy as discovering his work was, it was pretty devastating to find out he passed away after being ill for a while. There are a hundred pages of comments since his death, a testament to how loved he was and still is.

Stop on by and check his gallery out -

I'm going to sit on the rainy porch with my wifey and read the Bible for a bit. The two loves of my life right there.


To add a bit today:

I did origami! I made an elephant the other day and it took me a long, long time. And I got in a funk because it was really tricky and I wasn't expecting it to be. I had a look for another design before and found this one for a butterfly. Now I know it! My tips will be the best tips.


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