Friday, January 20, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XIX].

I think I'm kidding myself with how fast this is going. XIX looks like a higher number than 19.

Well, I've maxed out my 4GB SD card. To be fair, it was half full when I got it, so it's not that impressive. It'll be a nice feeling to format it once I've put the images that aren't mine onto the home computer here.

For today:

Had to break out the Wide-Angle lens for this one. There was a huge fire that we saw on our way into town. The smoke looked like an angry cloud at first, but as we got closer and the trees got out of the way of the skyline, we could see it billowing up. Pretty scary.

I thought I'd start drawing my own renditions of the weapons that are in the Dungeons and Dragons book. They're generic swords and spears and things, but I figure it'd be fun. I'm working on the brother I posted yesterday, so I'll hopefully have something to do with that posted tomorrow.

I'm off to bed.


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