Saturday, January 21, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XX].

A drawing at 11:40 is still a drawing...

For today:

It was one of those days where the fact that it's overcast means you can look at the sun without burning your retinas. I know the sun is a sphere and that there's no change in the shape of a sphere when you look at it from a different angle (like a cube or pyramid), but it's so far away that we can't perceive it as a sphere - only as a circle. I think that's really cool. It's just a 2D shape chillin' in our 3D world.

This is a fantastic example of keeping spiritually healthy. This was a huge oak tree that grew on the side of the road here between us and our grandparents. It was really big and looked really strong. Then, one stormy day, it was struck by lightning and fell down. Once it had fallen, something pretty huge came to light. Although it looked strong and although it looked like it would be able to take anything that was thrown at it, the inside had rotted out and the only strength to the whole tree was what could be seen on the outside. Nothing more.

Every time I pass it, it's a reminder that staying strong in our walk with God, keeping accountable to close friends and not trying to hide anything that will cause us to stumble are some of the best things we can do to stay honouring to God and bring glory to His Name. It's a reminder that everyone has things within that they don't want anyone else to see and sometimes keeping a brave face and seeming strong can get us through some things in the short term, but eventually the things we hide are brought to the light.

Don't hide things away. Find a good, trustworthy friend or two and hold yourselves accountable to what you struggle with and what you're dealing with. Don't keep a brave face and hope that it gets you through. Don't pretend like you have everything under control. No-one does.

Great Axe. Another weapon to the inventory...

Bed time. We've got a leadership meeting tomorrow and it's going on all day, so my wifey and I want to be up and ready for that!


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