Monday, January 30, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XXIX].

29 is the atomic number of copper. I have been looking for a 1943 steel penny for a while, now. I found out yesterday that there were 40 pennies in 1943 were struck in copper. In 1943, copper was put towards the war effort, so pennies were struck in steel with a zinc coating. I think - as opposed to the copper/nickel alloy that the normal penny is made from.

It's been a great day. Church this morning was fantastic - Rob Ketterling was a guest speaker and talked about money. I like it when churches talk about money; especially when they're doing it right. We learnt some good, practical tips, too.

After that, we took my wifey's bestie to the airport. We decided we wanted to cut it fine, so we took a 20 minute detour to Oklahoma. :s

Then we made it back in time to be at the first College and Career Remix Group. We grabbed some of the food there and chatted with new people. The talk was interactive, which was a really good idea to take it. Lots of people got involved and made it a great night.

For today:

On the way back from the airport, I was peeling a little orange for my wifey while she was driving. I went to take the horrible stringy bit out - you know the bit down the centre? And as I pulled it away, it popped off pretty easily. Little biddy orange, innit? That there dime is the same size as a five pence piece, for my English homies.

Buh. A better cowboy yesterday. All pencil, this one. Pretty happy with it. I'll throw it into photoshop and put some darker lines on it; maybe some colour. Could look good.

I grabbed the laptop from my wifey so I could upload these on time. I'm off again for now.


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