Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XVII].

Happy birthday, dad!
I had a great chat with my dad this afternoon. Really nice to catch up and see how he's doing.
He does sports massage therapy now, after working for a bank for nearly 30 years. I love him so much. I've learnt a whole lot from him and I'm truly grateful to have a dad like him.

Knowing that God is better than any dad here on earth, and seeing how my dad has lived and raised me and my brothers and been an amazing example of what a dad should be - well that makes me very excited to meet God.

It's been a pretty good day. I'm hoping to get to the Immigration Office tomorrow to talk about my permission to work and my Green Card. The ever-helpful US Government told me that I'd know about a lot of this two weeks ago, so it's thanks to them that we have to run around and follow things through like we are. Nice one, USA. Stellar stuff.

My brother Nathan is off on the Weezer Cruise Tour tomorrow - or at least that's when he flies into Miami. I'm excited for him. He had his first ever flight on Christmas Eve' just gone. I guess it was a nice break-in to the joys of confinement for prolonged periods of time.

So. Photos for the day:

Well, this one's sideways. I had my camera at a stupid angle. We finally got our presents through - the Christmas presents we got for our families. The Christmas presents we ordered before Thanksgiving. Also in the picture, a dollar bill elephant.

Here are the drawings I did of my little figures yesterday. With little lists for each, telling us what they're carrying and wearing, etc.

This is one of the ones I did today. I've drawn it with the intention of putting it into photoshop and colouring it in there.

In other news, my wifey and I stayed up watching WifeSwap last night until 3 am. That's when you know you need a job. I don't think anyone can watch anything on TV at 3 am without feeling like a loser.

I think we'll probably try to get some better sleep tonight... In the meantime, Arkansas isn't doing too well against Kentucky in this basketball game that's on.


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