Thursday, January 19, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XVIII].

Well. I learnt a shortcut for posting my blog. Unfortunately I found it before I had put in anything more than my title.

It's been a great day. We were going to go and see one of my wifey's best friends in Oklahoma, but as it transpired, we weren't able to. So we went on a big walk and got a cookie.

After that, we readied ourselves and went to church. It was an amazing night. This morning, we were listening to a podcast by Jimmy Evans (I think) about prophecy and ways to go about it. One of the things he talked about was prophetic prayer - praying about a person and asking God to reveal things about them and them praying about those things. It was pretty interesting. Long story short, I was honoured enough to be able to put that into practice tonight and it was amazing!

I've not drawn a whole lot but I've drawn something, at least.

For today:

I like this sign. I haven't been in this one yet, but it's a landmark I look out for when we're in this part of town.

We're looking into our family histories. I believe my surname comes from three brothers that were cast out of the Clan of Morres in Scotland. I figured I'd draw me and two of my brothers all Bravehearted up. This is the start of it because I didn't have much time.

Ha. Posted in time.


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