Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XXIII].

23 is the only prime number that is made up of two consecutive prime numbers.

I figured since I'm going to be posting a lot of numbers, I'd try and find something interesting about them.

For today:

The dog rolled over in his sleep. It was pretty cute.

There was some heavy wind last night. Some of the trees in the back garden are dead, so they were losing their limbs pretty happily last night. One of the limbs hit the house. It didn't do any damage, but the sound of it hitting the house sounded like one of the main trees snapping and cracking, so we legged it to the fireplace and huddled there for a bit.

We gave the puppy a trim. We opted for the 'looks like he's wearing pants now and has a huge head' look. Pulled it off pretty well, I'd say. You can't tell here, but he looks hilarious now. Pom pom head.

I also took a load of photos for my wifey - she's wanting to set up an Etsy shop for me :D She's amazing.

And small but orderly. This is my latest weapon lineup for the Dungeons and Dragons pixel tiny small weapons. From left to right: Bow and arrow, nunchucks, small hammer, big huge hammer, small axe, bug huge axe, spear, short sword, long sword. I don't know what's to come, but I know I'm about half way through.

That's all for now. My wifey's going to have a go on the laptop. She's great.


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