Saturday, July 4, 2015

All drive, no direction.

There are only so many times one can reinvent a project.  This week I've gone through the plethora of ideas that I've been working on - to some degree - over the past year and made a big list.

Board games, apps, video games, short graphic novels, books.  You name it.  If I've been giving it some love and attention over the past year - however little - I've listed it and I'm starting to work through that list and spend a little more time on the projects as I am able.

The plan that I tend to go to most frequently is the one that sees me work on any of the projects as I'm inspired.  This can be an effective way to work, since I won't get burned out on any one project.

As the summer is coming in hard and temperatures are not favourable to little ol' Brit me, I'm going to be spending a little more time inside and, therefore, closer to the projects that I have cooking.  It's a 6-burner stove with a few oven racks, a two-pot slow cooker and a microwave that I'm cooking with right now, with everything taking its own time to simmer, bake, broil, fry and boil.  It's a fun kitchen and everything is going to be presented once it's safe to serve.  For now, I'll keep you posted with the progress and some pictures; and I'll tell you about the projects in more detail when they're ready to be pitched and sent away to big, scary companies.  I'll post about some aspects of the ideas so that I can have a record here about what it is I have on the go.  I'm excited.

I'm really pushing to move on with some projects and although it's still a challenge to find that time to dedicate to working like this, my wifey is super supportive and I'm very much looking forward to the workload that I'm wanting to undertake.

So for today, here's a picture from the initial stages of an app. that I'm designing.  I'll be writing the mechanics and the background work, I'll be designing the characters, levels, game progression and all the add-ons/props.  Once it's in a state that I can present the idea to someone who can take it further, that's what the plan will be.

Cricket fighting is a big, old Chinese pastime - a lot of money is spent on it every year.  It's not a fight to the death, but rather a fight that is stopped once one of the crickets backs down; whether that's by stopping chirping, avoiding contact with the other cricket or getting throw out of the little pit by the other cricket.  It very rarely ends in the injury of any of the crickets.

They're fed special diets and kept alone in their own clay pots.  Pedigrees are bred by experienced breeders but a lot of common fighting crickets are sold in the marketplaces.

There are eight groups of crickets in the U.S that I'm focusing on; Field, Ground, Ant, Sword-Tailed, Tree, Bush, Scaly and Mole crickets.  Each of them will have their own strengths and each one will have their own specific special skill.

Additional characters will be added based on some other crickets and katydids, but the focus right now are the basic 8.

It's a bit of fun that I hope will go somewhere.  I'm drawing everything out and making a brief overview and pitch for the game.  It's going to be great!

I'll keep the updates here, as well as the updates for the other projects that I'm working through.

It feels good.

Oh - Happy July 4th!  We're not really doing anything, but I had a three-day weekend, which was nice.


Thursday, April 16, 2015


April is a huge month. It's Little Man's birthday - he turns one - and it's my dear, lovely wifey's birthday - she's not going to be one.

As an update, my job is going well and I'm still drawing as much as I can.

I actually post quite a lot on Instagram - oddreference is my name there, if you're interested. Game design progress, nature bits and family things are all 'grammed (I think that's how those kids say it).

As for here, my dream is to get back on when we have a computer. It has slowly risen to the higher points of our priority list now, so it will happen as soon as we can make it happen. Until then, it's sporadic and brief, but I still love you and appreciate you taking the time to read and stop by here. 

To sign off, here's a fish I caught.



Saturday, January 3, 2015

Maybe an excuse...


So these are three pictures from December:

Empty lab tubes.  Not the first lot taken.  Definitely not the last.

More labs.  This was when I was in the hospital.  Still not the last taken.  At all.

My big fat arm from 6 days of IV.  It's gone down now, but my legs seem to have swollen instead.

Yea.  I've been pretty sick this month.  It's been a sucky Christmas, but presents - fortunately - have never been the meaning of Christmas to me or my family.  To celebrate what is such a completely new way of looking at and experiencing God - as a Man on Earth - is a joy to do. 
it's not confined to the one day a year, but it's something that my family and I get to celebrate in every day.  It's amazing.

Even though being in the hospital for a week was rubbish.

Still getting back on track; I'm not feeling great and I'm seeing the doctor again in a few days.  I can't wait to be better.

Bed time.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Birthday present.

Last year, I was working on my Masters and had three jobs on the side.  We were expecting our little boy, too, so there wasn't a lot of disposable income.  So I've been waiting for this camera for two years.  I can't wait to get out and shoot some pictures!

The Canon 600D.  Or Rebel T3i, depending on which country you're in.
That's all for now.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

No excuses!

I've had the Blogger app. on my phone for longer than I can remember. But I don't like how the posts look on my page online. That's a pretty bad reason not to post.

So today is as good a day as any to start posting from my phone. At least I'll be getting something up here for you and I can always edit it when I do get online.

And it's my birthday! 28 years old today.

To start:

Baby Fairweather is this big, now! Another reason I've not posted that much as of late, which I don't mind.

A couple of 'mascot' designs for the high school. Nothing official and more of a character exercise than anything, but fun nonetheless.

Part of a game design that I'm trying in a different way. I really liked the designs for some of the sections of the race track in Wreckit Ralph - made with proper sweets! I figured I'd try something similar for a game I'm working on.

And then this one to finish. We get some awesome thunderstorms rolling through the town. And our house sits opposite a great space for us to watch the lightning when it hits the next town. It's truly awesome.

Well, the low battery beast strikes. I'll be back soon with some more created things!

Thanks for waiting for me.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We found him!

My, my, my.

March, eh?  That's a long time ago.  It's probably about time I made a post to let you know that I'm still alive and well.

Several fairly significant things have happened in the past few months which has made posting here, to be honest, pale in comparison to the priority list that is constantly changing and growing.

Fairly significant thing number one:

My wifey and I celebrated our fourth anniversary on the 4th of June.  It was a lovely day and we had a really great time a few weeks later, when we went to stay in a hotel that we had saved up for with the money from...

Fairly significant thing number two:

I got a new job!  I've been working at ABF for two months, now, and it's amazing!  I'm in Inside Sales, so my job is to call round potential customers and existing accounts and make sure that they are doing ok, pretty much.  ABF is a logistics and supply chain specialist.  The best way I can describe it is that we can move whatever you want to wherever you want.  By truck, plane or boat, we'll do it.  My department in particular focuses on LTL - Less than TruckLoad.  If a company has one or two pallets that they need to ship, they pay us for the space the pallets will take up and we'll put the pallets on one of our trucks and move it around as effectively as possible until it gets where they want their freight to go.

Fairly significant thing number three:

I'm a dad now!  On April the 28th, my darling wifey gave birth to a beautiful baby boy; Micaiah Arthur John Fairweather.  (We don't want him to be able to fill in forms and paperwork that easily).  Born by C-section at 10:15pm, weighing 7lb 15oz, he was healthy and happy and I shall flood this space with pictures once I get my phone back*.  He had his three-month shots last week and after some rough (days and) nights, he's getting back into his usual routine of sleeping pretty well!  Other than that, he's just like his dad; eats, sleeps, poops, repeat.

*I went fishing with a good friend at the weekend.  I threw my phone into his boat where it would be safe from the water and he proceeded to sit on it with soaking wet pants and killed it dead.  Fully dead.  Eh.

I've written some poems and taken some pictures.  I've drawn out some game designs and doodled a bunch of new things.  It's been a busy few months but I've kept the drawing going.

Thanks for sticking round here.  I'll be back into getting things up here more regularly in the near future.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Instagrammin'. It's a word now.

I've been having a nice time trying to get a photo a day up on my instagram page.  I've been posting more than one for the most part, but it's nice to have a little goal for each day.

I've found that - rather frustratingly - the best way to get a nice, crisp image on there is to take a photo with my camera, upload it onto the laptop, email it to my iPod, take a screen shot of the image and then post it on Instagram.  It's laborious to say the least, but boy, do I love the outcome.
So the following pictures are a mixture of the past month.  Camera images, iPod images, etc.  They range from animals to games design to the environment.  It's been fun.
American Dwarf Toad.  One of many in the pool at the moment.

Another toad.  This one stayed here for a while, which was really nice.  This was one of three angles I was able to get without it moving at all.

The Five-Lined Skink.  Lovely little guy.  One of the first things I've flipped this year (found when I turned a big rock over).

Same one.

After a big rain storm, the garden next door looked like this.  It was pretty ridiculous.  The house that my in-laws live in is on a slight hill, so while the whole street is relatively flat, the garden here stays pretty dry (or at least above water) even when nearly all other houses look like this.

For the past few weeks I've been working over night.  On my way home one morning, I saw mist rising from this pond on the side of the road.  I tried to get as good a picture as possible; while I didn't catch the mist too well, I'm happy with the shot.

A new board game I'm designing.  It's set in space and involves guns.

Went fishing a couple of weeks ago.  This is all I caught.  I did not complain.

Mistletoe is pretty amazing.  It's all over the trees here, so I thought I'd take a picture of where it connects and shoe the people back home.

Long exposure from ages ago when it was snowing.  I do like a long exposure.

A lake at a friends' house.  We were fishing on it for a while and while my wifey got a bite, it came off.  That was the closest either of us got to catching anything.  I did get this amazing shot, though.  Not too shabby.

That's all for now.

I'm at work tomorrow and it's nearly 4 in the morning, so I'm going to have to call it a night.