Saturday, November 18, 2017

Edit: Disclaimer; For some reason, most of the images in the second part of this post have only appeared as links to the images.  They appear as soon as you click on them, but if you want to, I guess you know that you can click on the first image here and it'll show you a slide at the bottom of the screen with the rest of the pictures on there that you can look through.

Edit 2: Click the first available link to get to that string of images that I've posted here.  And for some reason, now that it's published, some of the images are off centre.  Which frustrates me a lot.

Here's the past year-and-a-bit.  In no particular order (and after a lot of frustration with formatting):

Kid 2 is grown and birthed.  Kid 1 approves.

The biggest hailstones I have yet to experience.

My mum bought a "new" car.

Little Man (Kid 1):
Experienced fireworks for the first time.  Mixed opinions.

Sat his ducks in a row like daddy did decades ago.  No prompting.  It's weird.

Got more curious about things. (The swollen eye is because someone that sat in the highchair before him left some crumbs from their peanut butter cookie.  Yeah.)

Made friends and got goofy.

Experienced his first fairground rides.

I started Pokemon (Team Instinct.  Come at me, bro.)

I went for a skateboard ride...

And experienced my first ever broken bone!

I made some more dolls, including this commission.

I doodled a lot and planned some games and characters.

I took a welding class.

We had our first AirBnB experience (it was wonderful).

We went to England!

Met Pops.

Met Granny Mops.

Was surprised to meet Uncle Theo.

I cought up with the Grandparents and introduced them to their Great-Grandchildren.

I visited some old haunts.  This collector store - everything from books to coins to rocks and shells.
I love this place.

Southport bridge.  Obligatory artsy-type shot.

The Town Hall.  I like this building.

Wifey and I celebrated our seventh anniversary.

I made a ring out of wood.

I got familiar with cooking deer and brisket.

(Almost) completed my Black/Red Minotaur deck for Magic: The Gathering.

Caught my personal best fish.
(1.25" Mosquitofish at the top, 20" Freshwater Drum at the bottom.)

 Got a new carving knife.     

Got a new board game (so much fun).

Celebrated Kid 2's first birthday.

Went to Memphis Zoo, Tennessee.

Drank some black market milk.

Playtested my board game.

Celebrated wifey's birthday month.

Kid 1 caught his first fish!

I made my first fish tacos from what I caught.

Spent some quality family times together.

Celebrated Kid 1's third birthday.

Caught heaps of herps.

Went to a baseball game.

Moved.  House.

Explored our land some.  Lots of old buildings and treasure.  And space to shoot BB guns.

Established #DateNightSteakNight.

Found my first tarantula!

Went to watch the total solar eclipse.

Established some collections (Periodical Cicadas and Wheat pennies).

I think that's about it for now.  Formatting this has been a nightmare.  Dragging photos in from my email straight to this post was a dream, but as soon as I hit eneter between the first two, everything went mental.

Anyway, this is as concise a summary as I can manage.  Some of the pictures are rotated, but I'll come back to fix those.  I really can't handle it at the moment.

It's been really fun looking back through the past 14 montsh or so, though.

Updates soon.