Sunday, July 29, 2012

From the phone. IN OUR NEW HOME.

We've had quite the summer, my wifey and I. I'm back working at Nando's once more - and loving it. Last week saw us move into a little place on the very edge of town - a fantastic place that suits us pretty nicely.

Although the Internet is still but a dream we have 3G, so all is not lost. And each other. We have each other, of course :) being able to make our home again is something that we've been looking forward to for some rime now. We are immeasurably appreciative of the kindness we have seen from our family and our friends over the past year! We love you all so much and genuinely cannot thank you enough.

Here's a few pictures from my iPhone library...

I'm not sure what order they're going to appear in. But. In no particular order of description, we have a picture of me holding one of the Olympic torches, one of my dolls used on the ticket of this year's degree show, my newest doll, a lovely picture if one of my older dolls and my beautiful wifey holding the Olympic torch.

I have been watching a while lot if the DigitalRev YouTube videos and they're really great! It's probably a good thing that we don't have the Internet at the moment as I think my amazon wishlist would be growing out of control. As much as something that's fully controlled can be out if control...

Eh. My thumb grows weary.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [CLXXXVIII].

So I found something I thought would be a whole lot of fun.

The mountain bike backpack by Bergmönch.  Backpack on the way up, mountain bike on the way down.  Yes please.

Should I find it on amazon, it will no doubt be added to the ever-growing wishlist...  Lenses, lockpicks, snake hooks.  That sort of thing.

My wifey and I had a great time today celebrating the 4th of July.  Even though it's the 7th.  It's ok.  We had a load of friends over and played American pictionary, Sharades, had an American quiz and played telephone pictionary.  We also had a load of doughnuts, KFC and Oreos.  Obviously.

It made me miss the States  :(  I can't wait to be in university again and channeling all my America-missing into work and low-poly, 3D props and characters.  Bleh.

I really want to be fishing right now.  Or making something.  Or catching snakes.

Here are some things from my amazon wishlist.  I figure it'd be nice to share  :)

Here's one of three bags that are on the list simply because I need to have a better look at them before I decide which two to not get.

Here's another one.  I'm trying to find a good mix of camera and lens space and space for things I'd take on a hike.

My dad has a Canon AV-1 and it's got a 50mm lens.  This adapter is cheaper than a 50mm EOS lens and it enables me to buy cheaper FD-mount lenses for Canon, too.  Bonus.

Tripod.  I think it'd be a sensible thing to have for long exposures.

And a good, soft brush to keep lenses free from dust and hair and the like.

And this beauty!  A ring flash for my in-your-face macro shots.

As I look through my wishlist I sigh; remembering that the prices in America are much better  :)

Nevertheless, I'll continue to add to it.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [CLXXV - CLXXXIIIV].

Technically this is up to day 184 because by the time I post this it's going to be past midnight.

Work is a blessing and I'm very happy to have a job right now.  It's worth being tired.

I have something to show you this time round - it's a site that I stumbled upon after clicking a link on Facebook.  The Facebook link was to a LEGO version of the lab in Breaking Bad and I fear I have spoilt the show for myself somewhat, seeing as I have only watched the first few episodes and didn't know about anything other than that little caravan they blew up...

I digress.

Next to that was a link to a site called Mission Workshop and it sells - amongst other things - bags with a unique rail system that means you can add other, smaller bags and pouches.  It's pretty expensive, but it's also pretty amazing!  Check it out.

The ARKIV system bag is their big thing, but there are also other bag styles and apparel.  I'll put it on my rich mans' wishlist.  There's a coat there that looks really great, but I was expecting it to be at least $600 less than it is...  Maybe another time.

That's it for today  :)  I'm getting more and more stoked to start the course at uni!  I've also got a wishlist steadily growing on amazon that includes mostly lenses.  My dad has a lovely Canon AV-1 that I might have a look for lenses for...  They can't be much more expensive than the Rebel TX, right?!  ...  right?!

The one he has actually has a 50mm lens, so I don't think I can make it more amazing if I tried.