Thursday, January 5, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [IV].

It's been a good day. Not a whole lot got done until the afternoon - I seem to work best after a nice, long morning. I had a nice little session of collecting a few reference pictures and a great time drawing - never as much as I want to, but drawing all the same.

My wifey and I got out for a little while to run some errands which was great. Late to church this evening, but the message that we got was incredible.

For today:

This is the artillery piece down the road from where we're living. It's nice to drive past and fun to sit on and pretend to drive and/or fire.

This was an idea I saw on DeviantArt. Make a list of the things around your computer/drawing desk, combine them with yourself and create an RPG character. This is my first idea. I want to put it in photoshop and colour it in. I'll play around with the items a bit more and see what other designs I can get. Good fun and I'm happy with it as a first try.

So hopefully more of these characters again tomorrow.


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