Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We found him!

My, my, my.

March, eh?  That's a long time ago.  It's probably about time I made a post to let you know that I'm still alive and well.

Several fairly significant things have happened in the past few months which has made posting here, to be honest, pale in comparison to the priority list that is constantly changing and growing.

Fairly significant thing number one:

My wifey and I celebrated our fourth anniversary on the 4th of June.  It was a lovely day and we had a really great time a few weeks later, when we went to stay in a hotel that we had saved up for with the money from...

Fairly significant thing number two:

I got a new job!  I've been working at ABF for two months, now, and it's amazing!  I'm in Inside Sales, so my job is to call round potential customers and existing accounts and make sure that they are doing ok, pretty much.  ABF is a logistics and supply chain specialist.  The best way I can describe it is that we can move whatever you want to wherever you want.  By truck, plane or boat, we'll do it.  My department in particular focuses on LTL - Less than TruckLoad.  If a company has one or two pallets that they need to ship, they pay us for the space the pallets will take up and we'll put the pallets on one of our trucks and move it around as effectively as possible until it gets where they want their freight to go.

Fairly significant thing number three:

I'm a dad now!  On April the 28th, my darling wifey gave birth to a beautiful baby boy; Micaiah Arthur John Fairweather.  (We don't want him to be able to fill in forms and paperwork that easily).  Born by C-section at 10:15pm, weighing 7lb 15oz, he was healthy and happy and I shall flood this space with pictures once I get my phone back*.  He had his three-month shots last week and after some rough (days and) nights, he's getting back into his usual routine of sleeping pretty well!  Other than that, he's just like his dad; eats, sleeps, poops, repeat.

*I went fishing with a good friend at the weekend.  I threw my phone into his boat where it would be safe from the water and he proceeded to sit on it with soaking wet pants and killed it dead.  Fully dead.  Eh.

I've written some poems and taken some pictures.  I've drawn out some game designs and doodled a bunch of new things.  It's been a busy few months but I've kept the drawing going.

Thanks for sticking round here.  I'll be back into getting things up here more regularly in the near future.