Saturday, March 31, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XC].

Day 90! Great stuff.

For today:

My father-in-law's new bike. Really nice. He got it second hand and it's in really good shape. The guy before not only took really good care of it but added a good amount of after-market accessories and things. Saddle bags, wonderful seat, comfortable grips on the handlebars. That sort of stuff. Nice and big, too!

I drew out a price guide for my dolls again. Happier with this one. Check it out and get ordering!

Just got back from a great night out with my wifey, her brother and sister and her brother's girlfriend. My wifey watched October Baby at the cinema and we watched Wrath of the Titans. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Then we went out to eat at the greasiest spoon ever - Benson's Grill. Lovely stuff. I'm off to brush my teeth and burn the toothbrush.


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