Sunday, March 25, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [LXXXIV].

There is a town in Pennsylvania called Eighty Four.

It's been a great day. We helped clean the house, got a few groceries, took the dogs to a dog park, went to the circus and then to our friends' house to clean a bit.

I'd have some amazing photos from the dog park but after taking 15 or so photos, I saw that I'd left my memory card at home. So we'll just have to go back there.

For today:

A tiger! We missed the act at the beginning with them, but we got to see them being led away. This one was put on display during the break, so I got a few cheeky snaps of it.

It was either the tiger photo or this one. This guy - Angel - was a juggler (and a fantastic one at that) in the first half of the afternoon. He came on with his dad and his sister for the final act - the Russian Swing (I think). He was launched - quite impressively - several times and the final launch saw him jump through this hoop.

Sort of a 'casualty from the pool' drawing again, but more of a 'casualty from the side of the pool because I squashed it' this time. This is the sort of ant I have grown up reading about and looking at in books that talk about soldier ants and nasty bites, so I squashed it. Because it's the only one in the world, right?


I'm running a camera at church tomorrow. I'm really excited, but also very nervous and needing sleep.


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