Thursday, March 8, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [LXVII].

A few things that I found interesting about the number 67: There are 67 counties in Florida, 67 counties in Alabama and 67 counties in Pennsylvania. Also, *67 is (apparently) a common prefix code for blocking caller-ID information on the subsequent call. In the States, anyway. I forget what it is for back home.

Took the puppy and the cat to the vet this morning. Cat's got a bad scratch that needs (expensive) antibiotics and the puppy is just fine. We also had to go back and forth between home and Fort Smith for most of the day running errands. It was ok. Not the nicest day, but I think we're meant to be getting some rain this weekend. We won't be here - my wifey and I are going to a Youth Leaders' Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. I cannot wait!

For today:

The two pear trees next door. The blossom on them is lovely. There's a whole row of them on the way to Granny and Papa's. I didn't know what trees they were until a week ago when they started to blossom. It's going to look like it's snowing when it starts to fall off!

A little thumbnail sketch of the character I drew out the other day. Not a lot, but it's nice to try and draw things as loosely as possible.

So. We have the Green Card interview tomorrow morning. I'm pretty nervous, but I'm nervous about any interview. Even when I was returning to work and the interview was a formality, I lost a bit of sleep! Eh. It's going to be great.

Also; I can hear a BIG ol' bullfrog outside. He's wanting some attention. Hopefully this'll mark the start of some frogs in the pool!


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