Sunday, April 1, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XCI].

What a day! I'm having to format my card tonight - loads of photos today! I finally figured out my macro extension, so I was snap-happy for most of the afternoon. I also made a bit of progress on my mural, finished a doll that I'm going to send away on Monday, drew a bit and went to a BBQ and movie night for the College and Career age group from church. Fantastic day!

For today:

One of the best pictures like this - I tried to get the dog running through the dandelions and kicking up a fuss. I think there's adequate fuss here.

A quick snap of another character doodle. I drew it earlier but didn't think about taking a picture of it. Interchangeable forearm for this guy. I'll add to the idea when there's some more time.

Now for the other pictures of the day - I'm pretty happy and excited about all these:

I had to get used to the lens extension, so most of the images I thought came out really well are in fact not that as focused as I thought. It was hard to gauge it at the size of the screen on the camera.

Here's a close up of a big moth that was on the garage door for ages. The fact that it stayed as still as it did for as long as it did was great for practicing getting into focus quickly.

And a further out shot of it.

And the full shot. Beautiful!

Macro time! I thought it'd be nice to get a shot of a dandelion head. It was! Although I had to be quick - the dog wanted in on whatever it was I found so interesting, so he'd come over and look. And proceed to destroy the dandelion.

Then I thought it'd be cool to photograph the actual seeds - through the veil of the parachutes. I love this picture!

Of course, what macro adventure would be complete without a good picture of some ants?!

My friend Charley let me use his 50mm lens for a few shots. I didn't want to use it for much longer because I think it was about $1500. This isn't Charley; thie is another good friend, Aaron. Really nice guys. I love this lens. I love my dad's 40mm lens back home. I wonder if the old, 35mm film camera lenses are compatible with the SLRs of today...

And to finish, a gnarly photo of a dead Alligator Snapping Turtle. I would not be this close to a live one. I love nature, but I cherish my fingers. There are box turtles - or tortoises as I'd know them - which are great. They're friendly and eat greens and pull back into their shell when you get near them. Then there are the snapping turtle - or just turtles, because they're more common - which will open their mouths and try their best to keep said mouths towards you if you approach them. They eat fish and are a nuisance. Then there are these guys. They sit at the bottom of ponds, wiggling their worm-looking tongue and eat any fish or anything else that tries to get their bait. They are like little crocodiles with shells and although I think they look incredible, I do not care for them. Look at it.

I have so many more photos that I could have posted. I had a really good time photographing my wifey and her brother and sister this afternoon.

I also have another item for my wish list for my camera.

The first is this:

The macro ring LED light. I'd have so much fun with this! If only to get that sweet light circle in someone's eyes when I get close!

The second is now a 50mm lens. Oh, man. I have a Canon Rebel, just in case anyone wants to grab one for me... :D

Thanks for reading; I know it's been a long one!


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