Friday, March 9, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [LXVIII].

Apparently, 68ºF is the ideal temperature for developing Black and White film.

Well, there's been a whole lot of rain today. It's been so nice seeing the creeks and rivers flowing fast and the ponds and lakes filling up fast. Although I hope my friends' pond is ok - they just stocked it and we're worried that it's going to have overflowed to the nearby creek, losing them their tiny fish :s But then with the overflow comes bigger fish from the other side of the bank. We might have to get us some gar is they've got in. Horrible fish.

The downside of the flooding is that we had to drive through some huge puddles. One of which broke the shield for the engine on the bottom of the car... So we took it to C&H to get it fixed... and they kindly changed our tires and tried to send us on our way. Once we told them that we had gone there to get the bottom of the car fixed, they did their best (or something) and we went home. I haven't checked it yet but something tells me that it's not much better as my fix-up job. I got some duct tape and twisted it into some sort of rope and tied the broken pieces up securely so we could drive the car to C&H. I've learnt me some redneck skills, have I.

For today:

I'm not sure how clear it is from this picture, but they sky was an odd yellow colour before. I think I've seen something like this before and it was just before a pretty big thunderstorm. We had thunder rolling by after this one, but nothing close. Not as close as this morning - the thunder was shaking the house! Pretty cool.

I call this "Dun Fixed. C&H." That is all.

Today saw my wifey and I go to the Immigration Office for my Green Card interview. It went really well and really quickly! I was a bit disappointed at how quick it went because I've been really nervous about it for the past few days! Oh well. I won't complain. The last thing they need to do has something to do with a visa that was issued to me for my exchange year in Missouri. Something about not being allowed to live in the States for two years afterwards or something like that. I don't know. I'm sure they'll sort it out, whatever it is. All we have to do is wait. Some more. ...


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