Monday, March 26, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [LXXXV].

A85 is the Dutch Defense in the Encyclopedia of Chess. Apparently. 85 is also the ISBN group identifier for books published in Brazil. And then there's the EF 85mm, which is a camera lens by Canon.

Well today, my wifey and I had been invited by our friends to their dog training group. The group trains up search and rescue dogs and cadaver dogs. Loads of really nice people and their dogs were super friendly. It was my task to run and hide in the woods and wait until the dogs found me. An hour later - and three searches - I remained unfound; thus I title myself Hide and Seek Champion 2012. I felt great to have been able to hide from search and rescue dogs, but also a little sad when their owners kept apologising and a little scared because now I don't want to get lost for real. It was such a fun afternoon, though. I took a few videos on my wifey's camera, so I'll put them up some time. I'm thinking of merging my video blog into this one, starting with putting my old videos up every now and then. It was a fun blog to do, but I think it's about time to bring them together and better share life in one blog*.

Also, I haven't got the RAM I need to make my computer smart enough to run the software that I have. Which is GREAT. Once that's up and running, I'll be able to process and edit the videos I took nearly two years ago... Posting the videos from my other blog onto here will also mean I have a bit of time to get the unedited videos edited and postable.

For today:

A screenshot/'photo' from one of the videos I shot while I was running from the dogs. It was pretty exciting.

This is where I hid. Sort of. I just ran as much as I could through the woods for a few minutes and then once I found a suitable group of trees, I just sat there and waited. And waited. And waited. It was pretty cool. At two points, I heard twigs snapping and leaves rustling, but the dogs stayed out of sight. The first one scared a huge turkey out of the bushes! I didn't know it was a turkey at the time - I thought it was a big ol' hawk. Flippin' huge!

My wifey and I are just watching the videos I made while I was hiding. I'm a terrible videographer. Especially when I'm pointing in the direction I think my face is when I can't actually see my face.

Saying that, running the camera at church this morning was amazing! Really good fun and pretty exciting.

Life is good.


*I have several blogs - a couple are dormant, a couple are active. One of them serves as a different outlet. I'm enjoying that one, even if I am a couple of weeks behind with the challenge I'm doing at the moment..!

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