Saturday, March 17, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [LXXI - LXXVII].

Hello again. I've missed you so.

I think it was a good thing that I missed the last few days - better miss a few days now than to worry too much about missing a day or two when we fly home later this year.

It's been an amazing week! God really spoke to my wifey and I and just broke our hearts. The worship at the conference was incredible - led in the evenings by the Desperation Band. The speakers included Judah Smith, Perry Noble, Andy Stanley, Mark Batterson, Robert Madu and Reggie Dabbs. Top notch, big time high quality speakers and communicators right there. I signed up for the podcasts of most of them upon our return. Amazing week; amazing people; amazing God. The guys we went with were so great - every single one of them passionate about the God we serve. It was a pivotal few days and I loved it!

Saying that, it was an intense few days and it pretty much merged into one big day - especially Sunday to Monday. 13 hours overnight on a bus will mess your days up. Add to that the fact that we crossed the time zone, so we lost another hour (lost one on Sunday, lost another one on Sunday night. Bleh). So here are the photos in some semblance of order:

Lunch on the way. My wifey did a great job fooding us up for the trip. Snacks and lunchables and chocolate. Lovely.

Artsy shot of the guitar on stage.

Brilliant. I think we were in Mississippi at this point. There was also a Corinth on the way home.

One of the busier junctions on the way home. There's a lot of road over here. Not always that many cars, though.

Beautiful sunset on the way home. We didn't get back too late, so it was nice being able to look around and see Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. ... they're pretty samey.

I thought this was interesting. I'm no pilot, but I know that these planes are way too close together. Far closer than they should be.

They're here! There is a nice load of frogspawn in the pool now. All I have to do is wait for them to hatch!

Here's the first and only frog in the pool at the moment. He looks pretty big. I'll catch him and take a better photo sometime this week.

And a very nice bird that came and perched on the branch above my head while I was trying to get a photo of the frog. I figured I'd try and get it.

I have drawn every day, but I haven't got the photos. I've got a drawing that I'm going to bring into photoshop now and colour. I'm very happy with it.

Talk again soon. Thanks for coming back!


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