Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [LXXX].

Today has been really rainy, so we haven't done much at all. My wifey and I have been hoping to go and help out some friends again this week, but as I'd be helping out outside, the rain isn't making it too easy.

My Granny-in-law lost her brother a few days ago and the funeral was today. My wifey, her sister and I didn't make it to the service because it was a while away, but we all gathered at my Granny-in-law's house afterwards. That's how it goes over here when there's a funeral. Everyone cooks up food and gathers together for fellowship. We eat and talk and spend time together and it's really great. Proper country cooking - fried chicken, green beans and bacon, mashed potatoes, cornbread, chocolate cake, chocolate trifle and sweet tea. Good food with good family is the best way to surround yourself with people.

I'll edit this post in a bit with the drawing from today. For now, here's the photo:

I call this 'Pardon the hair.' First toad! I found him under the cover that we have on the pool at the moment. There's a video of it, too. Croaking and chirruping. Pretty sweet.

As I said, I'll edit this again in a bit and post up a picture from the day.

Just now, we're watching Superman and I'm about to tidy my room with my wifey.


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