Sunday, March 4, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [LXIII].

The Stoner 63 was a light machine gun/assault rifle that was used in Vietnam by the US Navy SEALs. The idea behind the design was that the gun was modeled around the receiver so that with the subtraction and/or addition of various parts, the gun could be used and function in different ways.

Today's seen me sew a lot. For a couple of hours, actually. My cousin-in-law and I moved furniture around my Granny-in-law's house and then I was going to go and help build that bridge that I've been talking about but the guy was a bit ill today. So I came home and chilled out with my wifey - a much better afternoon.

For today:

With only the Christmas episode left to watch, my wifey and I are nearing the end of Season 2 of Downton Abbey. A thoroughly good series - the third season starts in England in September, but my mother-in-law will have to wait because it's not coming out over here until next June, I think. Unlucky.

This is my drawing for the day. A new set of templates that I am just about to cut out and start to stuff. I hope I have enough buttons for the head. I only need two.

On the not-talking-about-guns-much point...

Look at this!

This is the AR-7. It's a survival rifle - designed to be stored small. Everything is taken apart and can be stored in the stock and when it is being stored in this state; it floats! It fires a .22 Long Rifle cartridge - packing a little more punch than the regular .22 cartridge. It's a nice little rifle and one of those things that's just good to have under your seat if you're offroading, I guess. It's get you the smaller things if you're stuck in the outdoors looking for food - rabbits, birds, squirrels, etc.

I'm off to make this new doll. I'll hopefully have it ready by the end of this week...


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