Friday, March 2, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [LXI].

61 is a boring number. That is all.

I've had a pretty packed day, so I'm nice and happy. Not as happy as I could be because my wifey has a pretty bad cough and it's kicking her butt. But we have some lovely cough suppressant, so she's doing better.

I've drawn out a few templates for some more sewing that I'm needing to do as soon as I can. That's good. I've also written a letter to someone, had a little Bible study time, cleaned the house and worked out a bit. We're tidying a house again tomorrow, so that's going to be fun. Another day chilling with my wifey!

For today:

This was the latter part of my day. After dinner, I just drew out a few templates. New ones, so I'm excited to get them put together.

This was the extent of my doodles today. Not a lot. I've been busy doing other things, so I don't much mind.

Bed time now. My wifey had another great day working at a daycare, so I'm happy for her. One more cleaning day tomorrow before furniture moving and bridge building on Saturday. Then it's a fully day at church followed - or intermingled with - birthday things for my sister-in-law. It's her birthday tomorrow, but she's on a school trip/field trip and then out for most of the weekend.


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