Friday, March 23, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [LXXXII].

A more productive day than the last few days, but alas - whenever I make a list of things to do (like this morning); even though it makes me more productive than normal, I feel less productive if I don't get everything on that list done. But hey.

For today:

The tadpoles are growing by the day and it's pretty cool to see. There's a toad that's staking out one of the corners of the pool but apart from that, these little guys are the only things in the pool.

A finished shieldsmith. Still nameless, though. He's pictured here with a few items that he uses fairly regularly. A bit of colour some time will be nice to get done.

I've also been making a load of origami butterflies out of dollar bills. I've had 77 ordered, so my fingernails are getting green because of scoring the bills so much. Ugh.

A day out in the town tomorrow. I'm so excited - I'm exchanging some pants for a kick-ace robe. I'll post a picture of that tomorrow. It's amazing and I hope they have some left...


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