Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [CVII - CVIII]. Another for yesterday.

So now I can't access my emails...  I can get into gmail but clicky clicking doesn't work when it comes to opening the emails.  Ugh.

I went out last night with a guy on the herpsofarkansas forums.  Found a lovely lot of creatures - black widow, scorpion, snakes, lizards, turtles.  It was wonderful and I want to go again right now.  Check out what we did:

For yesterday:

Hopefully this is an Alligator Snapping Turtle.  It was a tiny thing that I found under a rock in the shallows of the Arkansas river.

My first bass on a fly!  I caught five perch on one the night before (hooked one by the tail), but this is my most favouritest fish I caught on a fly!

Here's the fly I caught it on!  Big moth-looking fly.  Nice and heavy, so I got a good cast.  Seeing that 'gulp' when the fish took it was an incredible feeling!

Blanchet's Cricket Frog.  I borrowed it from him.  This little fella doesn't grow much bigger than a quarter/10 pence piece.  I was watching them sing and croak while I was fishing and it was beautiful.

This was the amazing view my wifey and I (sort of) awoke to in the morning.  I say sort of - we woke up at about 4 am because we didn't bring anything comfortable to lie on.  We took it in turns to nap on top of three of the pillows we had brought with us.  This is when I got up.  A lovely mist hovering over the water.

I stopped fishing after this guy swam past.  I'd guess the fish like to keep a low profile when there's a beaver present.  One huge slap of his tail on the water when I got too close and he was gone.

An Eastern Musk Turtle.  This is now probably my favourite turtle.  As you can see, it's tiny.  They do get a little bigger, but they're just the right size :)

My beautiful wifey... 's hands.  I wanted a picture and she didn't.  This was our compromise  :)  She's so beautiful.

A Prairie Racerunner that I 'flipped'.  Flipped just means I found it after turning rocks over.  It's easier to say.  Apart from this one time explaining it.  Fast.  Very fast.

A Plain-bellied Watersnake that Mike found.  Harmless but aggressive.  It will strike and bite, but won't do any more damage than drawing blood.

It was a great experience herping and I want to do it right now!


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