Monday, April 9, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XCIX].

A 99 back home is an ice cream cone with a chocolate flake bar in it. It's simple but brilliant and I can't wait to get one when we get home.

Also, most things end in '.99' when it comes to pricing and that annoys me. Round it up and save me the time of waiting for you to fumble a penny my way.

Today was Easter Day and it was incredible. The church service was great and we saw loads of people have their lives changed. The worship team did a wonderful job and all the production peeps and behind-the-scenes guys were fantastic. Pastors Marty and Josh were great in leading the church through prayer and the service and the skit/sketch at the beginning of the service by Matt and Craig was hilarious. A great day to be at church, even if it may be your only day there...

For today:

My first Easter basket! Pictured here next to my wifey's. Really nice of the Easter Bunny to track me down in the US!

And yesterday meets today in this doodle. The frogsnake. It doesn't really need it's hands because of the strength of the muscles all the way down it's body. But just in case, it's sticky hands enable it to grasp the most slippery of prey.

While I was setting up an Easter egg hunt in the back garden, I was completely unaware that my amazing wifey was doing the same in the front garden. Which is odd because there are small strips round the sides of the house where both gardens meet... This was the front garden. My camera battery died as we started the back garden one. Really good fun!

I re-fulfilled a dream today in catching this little guy. I played with it for the best part of an hour - most probably more. I missed the chance to catch a different one twice the size, but hesitated because I wasn't completely sure it wasn't venomous. Better safe than dead and all that. I looked up the juvenile patterns of venomous snakes in Arkansas and realised it wasn't a bad one, but by then it had crawled under the deck in the back yard...

So I did what any man would do - I grabbed a broom and went poking around behind the shed for another snake. I found this little guy under a pile of leaves under a small pool cover. Next to another tree frog! I put it in my hat and took it inside to identify it. Tiny thing - that's my little finger behind it!

I do believe it's an earth snake. It's fossorial, which means it is extremely adept at borrowing. After having it for an hour or so, I dropped it and it very quickly made it's way underground. Incredible. It's non-venomous and gives birth to live young. It primarily eats earthworms but also eats other soft-bodied insects. Loved it!

So that brings me to the end of the post and I may well have leaked over to day 100. But I'll post some more tomorrow.


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