Tuesday, April 24, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [CXIII] and [CXIV].

IT'S MY WIFEY'S BIRTHDAY!  I didn't post yesterday because I'd arranged a surprise BBQ and get together and then today we've been out all day, hence my evening post...  Even though my posts are normally in the evenings, anyway.

For yesterday:

MY BABY CAUGHT A FISH!  We've been fishing on and off all year and it's been fun but my wifey has lacked somewhat when it comes to bites.  Which hurts me.  I like going out fishing with her and I like catching fish, but I don't like catching fish when my wifey's not catching fish.  So I was really happy last night when not only did she catch the first one of the night, but rounded the night off with a catch, too!  Great!

Here's her second one.  Bigger than the first one.  I caught a few perch and two crappies.  Crappies are great fish!  They are aggressive, so they bite well and apparently they taste amazing.  I'll have to eat some before we go.

I made this little car for a kid that our aunt looks after.  It was a father-son project and neither he nor I know where his dad is.  That's sad.  I really wanted to do this for him.  Apparently he loved it, so I'm happy  :)

For today:

It dawned on me today that I have forgotten how alien the roads look over here.  Everything about this picture was completely new to me a few years ago and now I have to wait for a sudden revelation as to how different it is here!  I can see myself forgetting the image of an American road - maybe even later on this year.  It'll be nice to have this as a reminder when I'm sat in my studios on a rainy day in November.  I'm looking forward to getting back into it - no doubt - but I'll miss the big roads and bright signs.

I know it's not a drawing, but I figured today's creative outlet could be photography.  I'm absolutely loving the fact that I have a lot of time and resources and objects of study to indulge in this hobby.  Maybe one day I'll be able to do something big with it.  For the moment, I'm using the computer excuse again, but my computer is not too willing to cooperate on the photo-editing front.  Bah!

Some little critters on the underside of a leaf on the tree in the front garden.  They look like aphids but they get pretty huge (for an aphid).

Another reason I didn't draw today?  My wifey.  I've spent the whole day with her and it is always worth it.  I love drawing but man, I love this gal a whole world more.  Putting everything to one side to be able to spend time with her is always a joy.

I love her so much.


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