Saturday, April 7, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XCVI - XCVII]. Part 2.

Apparently about 97% of the Earth's salt water is in the oceans and seas. I keep mine in a tiny bottle under my bed.

For the second of today's posts:

THE TREE FROGS ARE BACK! I've been waiting for these guys all year. It's been so hot that the frogs are out later than I assume they would be normally. But I don't live here all that much. I'm just talking. LOOK AT HIM THOUGH! He was chilling out under a flap of the pool cover with a buddy. He was my pet for an hour this afternoon.

It's been a frog day today. I like that. Here's a doodle of a frog. On frog day.

Another use of the macro extension. Love it. The frog stayed still for ages, so I was able to get a decent shot.

Another close up. Frog hand.

It's been a good day. I did more on the mural and I'm at the point of trying to figure out how to push it forward, so that's my next challenge.


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