Sunday, April 22, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [CXII]. Part two.

My wifey and I went to look for turtles, but we got eaten up my mosquitos and found no turtles.  We did, though, find and catfish head the size of a dinner plate...  I thought it was a turtle at first, but then I flipped it over and saw that someone took off with the best part.

More pictures for the day:

Who's this little guy?

It's only Storeria dekayi wrightorum, of course!  The Midland Brownsnake.  There's a doormat out in the back garden that I have been checking under for nearly three weeks now.  It's not as big as another one I've found in that spot, but I caught it and photographed this one!  It was a pretty cool morning so this fella was slow to begin with but he soon warmed up and got pretty fast once I'd been handling him for a bit.

Here's a full shot of it.  I really like this shot.

Somewhat blurred.  I've been doodling out ideas for flies that I'd like to try and tie with my friend.  He and his wife call them crazy flies, I call them daddy long legs.  They're crane flies.  I'd think fish would like them, so why not make a fly that looks like one?!  That's how it works.

I'm having a fine time fighting with this computer.  I'm going to post this before I have to restart it.


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