Thursday, April 5, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XCV].

Lightning McQueen in the Disney/Pixar film Cars wore the number 95, which represented the year Toy Story was released. Similarly in Toy Story 3, the train that Woody is driving also carries the number 95; which stands for the same thing.

Last night I nearly went to bed without posting - we had a small blackout (not even worth thinking of - the TV and radio and lights blinked off and then came back on straight away), which put out the internet router which is in my in-laws' bedroom. My wifey went and turned it back on and voila - posty post.

There was also another thing that happened yesterday that I wanted to post but forgot. Now I've forgotten what it was. Paragraph moot.

For today:

I finished a doll for a great friend at church. I took it for him to see tonight, but I've brought it home again so I can photograph it better tomorrow. But for today, here it is.

The start/finish of a project I've doodled for through the day. I was waiting for sandpaper and paint for a mural I've been working on so I thought I might as well get something else done while I wait!

Here's the start. I've taken five photos of the building - the first being the complete one and this being the last. The post-it notes fold over the drawing to cover the built parts and replace them with broken down parts. But it'll be in reverse. It's for a series at church called 'Restored' and although this is only a basic idea, I can't wait to draw it out again!

Fairly short and sweet this evening.


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