Sunday, April 8, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XCVIII].

98.6ºF is the temperature of the human body.

For today:

This helicopter flew round a baseball field a number of times today dropping eggs for the kids to pick up. It was great!

Today was the first time I painted an Easter egg. It's a very American thing to do and this is my first Easter with my wifey and her family. We spent ages tonight painting eggs and getting them ready for the morning. They do things pretty differently here, but I won't know that fully until tomorrow. For now, it's bed time and the excitement of what's in store in the morning.

I love Easter. God's gift for all of us was the life of His Son, Jesus. I know a lot of people hear this because I know most people go to church out of courtesy at Easter and Christmas. But I don't know if they listen to it. It's one thing getting told every year but it's another thing altogether to realise what it means. I hope this year sees a change in people. I do every year. The best decision of my life was to decide to live as much like Christ as I can. That's what it is to be a Christian. Not to follow rules, not to tell people to do something while doing the opposite, not to force our beliefs down peoples' throats, not to sit and argue about who's right and wrong. None of that. Rather, we are called to live against the rules - against what people tell us we should live like and alongside the way of life we're called to live with Christ. We're called to live lives that are constantly changing - not hypocritical lives that oppose everything we say we stand for, but lives that are always held up to what the Bible says and how it says we should strive to live. We're not called to make people believe what we do but provide them with an example of this amazing relationship with God that causes them to want one, too. We're not called to argue about who's right and wrong, but to live a life that is an example of what is good and love everybody in it - whether they stand with us in our belief or oppose it.

Don't think that hearing a message makes you a Christian.

Don't think that going to church makes you a Christian.

Don't think that following rules makes you a Christian.

What makes you a Christian is being in a relationship with God.

Don't think that being better than someone else makes God love you more.

Don't think that being in church services once or twice a week/year makes God love you more.

Don't think that being a good person will make God love you more.

God can't love you more. He can't love you less, either. There's nothing we can do to earn His love.

Don't think that trying not to lie will get you into Heaven.

Don't think that being Christened will get you into Heaven.

Don't think that not drinking/dancing/smoking will get you into Heaven.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. It's through acknowledging Him, following Him and living a life that honours Him that we go to Heaven.

Some of these things are good, yes. Some of these things are not worth arguing about.

Do me a favour. Forget everything and anything anyone has ever told you about Christ. Done that? Good. Now; read the book of John and find out for yourself what life is about.

I love God so much. Single best decision of my life was to look to Him for everything I need.

I can't wait for the morning.


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