Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [LIX].

'The Brighton Line' is the nickname for 59 in Bingo. After the London, Brighton and South Coast railway. My dad's nickname for it is "five and nine".

My wifey and I have had an amazing day cleaning a room! There's a lovely couple that we're helping out at the moment, cleaning up their house. Today we did their living room and it was really nice to be able to make a difference and spend a day with my wifey at the same time. Between them, they had a good few guns and I think I've found some new favourites. Or more favourites, at least.

For today:

This is an ode to my tablet because I haven't used it today. It's proper title is "Ode to tablet (with watermark and it was the closest thing to the camera when I picked it up)", but most people don't bother with parentheses.

Another monkey. I'm having a really great time drawing him. I'm not too hot with continuity, so to be able to have made and drawn a character several times is really encouraging to me! Once I draw out an orthographic I'll be one step closer to modeling it in 3D! (An orthographic is a front, back and side drawing for the sake/ease of modeling a character in 3D).

So here are the guns that I saw today. When I go back, I'll take my camera and grab some pictures of the actual firearms.

Sorry about the huge white blocks above and below - it's late and I don't want to take them off. This is a 4/10 shotgun. Single shot, breech loading. A wonderful looking gun. They guy has taken many a turkey with this.

These are the cartridges it takes. Tiny things. It teaches you to be a good shot - there's not a lot of time between missing something and it running away. Not enough to reload this bad boy, anyway.

Of course there's a pistol that takes the same cartridges! It's called The Judge. It'd be pretty nice to have, but it's only really for self-defense. Shotgun shot doesn't can travel but doesn't really do much after a distance. Apart from make you itch.

I'll show you tomorrow, but this is a nice reversal of a rifle/pistol combo that I really like.

Actually, I'll show you the other two guns tomorrow, too. I saw one a few weeks ago but didn't take down the name. I forgot all about it until I happened across it when I was looking for the second pistol I'll show you tomorrow. Very old, but really nice guns.

Bed time.
Thank you so much for reading.


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