Sunday, February 26, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [LVI].

It doesn't feel like the last update was yesterday. It's been a long, long few days...

There is a town here in Arkansas called Fifty-Six.

Well, well. Today has been amazing. My good friend, Dr Schilling, took me out to a range - his gun club, actually. We fired a whole lot of rounds for a long time. Five and a half hours, to be a little more accurate. I can't describe how good it was. I came home smelling of oil and gunpowder. A manly smell indeed.

For today:

It was hard to choose one photo as the one for today, but I think this one made it. I call this my 105-yard quarter. Because I hit it from 105 yards away. Apologies to my Oklahomies. It was the only quarter I had; nothing personal.

And a drawing, yaay. Not much effort went into this. I'm still fairly elated at both finishing Dogsword the other day and at also getting a mention and a favourite from his creator on Twitter! But yea, today was lacking somewhat in drawing.

On with some more photos!

Here are a few of the guns I was fortunate enough to use today. The pictures are from google, but they're pretty much the same as the ones my friend owns.

The Beretta 92 Inox. 9mm. This particular sidearm is issued to Military officers, I believe. Lovely to fire. Not a whole lot of recoil, but it lets you know it's not a .22 calibre pistol.

This is the Beretta 96 Vertec. .40 calibre. This is the sidearm issued to FBI personnel. It's got a bigger kick than the 9mm but it's still nice to fire. His model was the 1911 and the design is fantastic. It's safe to assume that it is a great design, seeing as though it's 101 years old.

And the FN PBR XP. Or something like that. A .308 rifle that's also issued to FBI personnel. My friend's rifle has a pretty nice scope and a bipod. This is what I hit the quarter with. Nearly took my arm off. Pretty big kick! I managed a 2.5 inch spread at 300 yards - I'm told that's pretty good, so I'll take it! I have no idea.

We also fired a very nice Beretta shotgun a whole lot. You can buy a big box of clay pigeons and a thrower for pretty cheap, so we had a good laugh shooting those for a while.

Then there was a little .22 rifle that we fired and a .22 pistol that we started the day with.

Talking of the .22 rifle:

I shot this shell from 36 feet. It sounds more impressive than 12 yards, but it's the same distance. This is a 9mm shell - about the same diameter as the hole I made in the quarter.

This is the photo that I was trying to decide between for the photo of the day. From 12 yards again - and with the .22 rifle again - I hit the primer on this 9mm shell. Had it been a live round, I would have fired two shots with one trigger squeeze!

I've had a really great day. It's been amazing to do something that's so everyday here. No-one thinks anything of taking a few guns down to the river bank or the range and shooting all day - for me it's something that is ridiculously exciting. I'm definitely making the most of it. My friend and I had a great time with a bit of friendly competition through the day. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I'm going to sleep well tonight. It's been a great day and there are also no kiddos running round and crying and whining throughout the night. A quiet night is a nice night.


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