Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [LI].

The P-51 Mustang was a WWII fighter aircraft. They apparently took down the second highest count of enemy aircraft in WWII.

Today was the big day - my wifey and I have just got back from doing a little swing dance at the High School pageant this evening. It was really great and we had a fantastic time. It was the first pageant I've been to, so it was fun for me to experience this part of the culture here. It was a great evening and I had a great time dancing with my wifey. The two of us, her mum and her sister all went to IHOP afterwards - a lovely end to the night. I found a new favourite drink there that I cannot remember the name of. A mix of fruit juices and soda. Or something.

For today:

A little picture of the dance. It was so much fun. My wifey and I just had a really great time dancing together. We didn't really care that there were other people in the room with us. It was incredible fun.

I like that my wide-angle lens is also a macro lens. With the lens extensions I have, I could get some really close wide-angle shots. This is another drawing of the monkey I did a few days ago. Different pose and all that. I might throw some colour on him when I have the chance. Tomorrow is going to be a day of Chiropractors, lunch and either chilling with friends in the evening or watching a film at home. Who knows?

I sent off for a Capt'n Crunch T-shirt a week or so ago. I still haven't heard anything. Hopefully it'll come through soon. I want to wear it back home and reenforce the idea that all Americans only ever eat Capt'n Crunch for breakfast.

Time for bed, methinks. I was watching Mudcats last night and it's amazing. I really want to go noodling. That aside; I dreamt last night that my arms were catfish. It was an odd dream.

Maybe I'll draw it...


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