Monday, February 27, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [LVIII].

58 mph is the minimum wind speed needed to issue a severe thunderstorm warning.

I've been feeling poop all day. So not much got done.

For today:

This has been my day. Occasionally getting up to pee or stretch my legs. I haven't got the hang of having a sick-day and feeling ok about it. I feel guilty for not doing anything around the house.

This is Brögunn. Drawn originally (I think) by McWolf - see his stuff here:
Really nice. I've been admiring his Brögunn stuff for a while - nice character. I'll probably try another few renditions before I'm happy with what I put out. I like this one for the moment, though. A sick-day doodle. There's also no coloured images of this guy, so it's going to be fun to try and find a colour scheme that works.

I might push out another couple of doodles this evening. Not feeling too hot at the moment.

Whammy. Buh. Some colour. I need to get a better picture so my paper is white and not just off. If it's just off it warps the colour beneath it. Another day.


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