Thursday, February 9, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XXXIX].

Jewish law identifies 39 activities actively prohibited on Shabbat - the day of rest. Some of these include: tying, untying, sewing, writing, transferring between domains, applying the finishing touch and extinguishing a fire.

Fortunately, none of my friends are hardcore Jews, so if I'm aflame one fine Saturday afternoon, I'll be fine. Or at least not on fire for much longer.

I wonder how many of these I've done on a Saturday...
I've sorted, cooked, done laundry, made two loops, separated two threads, tied, untied, sewn, done some measured cutting, written, erased, built, demolished, ignited a fire, extinguished a fire, applied a finishing touch and transferred between domains. 17/39.

Fortunately, I have Christ and I won't be denied eternal life in glory with Him for tearing some fabric at the end of the week...

For today:

Here's my wifey shooting her dad's .22 rifle. This is such a fun gun! You will go through a few hundred rounds in a couple of hours. We shot at cans and bottles, pennies and spend shotgun shells. It was great! My father-in-law also brought out his 12-gauge shotgun and his beautiful 30-30 Winchester lever-action rifle. That thing was loud!

Quick rough for what might be the fifth Ninja Turtle. I'm not sure yet.

Also from today:

A little tree that was felled by a beaver! I know they're in the area, but I haven't seen anything like this until now. Love it! I picked up a walking stick last week and carried it all afternoon only to be told at the end of the day - and once I'd snapped it up - that it was a beaver stick.

And here's the bug from yesterday. Threw some colour on it before bed last night. Only half of the colour counts for today since I started it before midnight, bleh.

Once again, is where you need to go to see what's going on in Fort Smith this weekend. It's going to be amazing and I cannot wait.

Here's a video from this afternoon. My father-in-law threw up a little bottle for me to shoot. I got it, even though it's hard to see that on the video. Don't worry - we cleared up after ourselves.

There was one more thing, but I can't remember what it was...

Here's another thing, though:

This is a lovely take on Calvin and Hobbes - this guy has done a few of them. Check out his link here -
You'll also want to look out for his ego series - the link for that is on the left hand side of the link I've put in here.

That'll do for now. I'm on a cereal kick at the moment, so I think I'll make a bowl of ridiculous rainbow flakes. ... (Fruity Dino-bytes)


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