Thursday, February 16, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XLVII].

In the film Super 8, the film that Charles is trying to create takes place - in part - in Warehouse 47.

It's been a pretty good day. I've been drawing and that's about it. I had breakfast first, but the day has been about the pen and the photoshop. Pretty happy with it. All I need to focus on now is taking less time in photoshop. It's been hours. But I still like it.

For today:

This is what is waiting for me now. Plenty of application forms for almost every business in Lavaca. I've handed a couple in already, so I have these left. Fun.

Here's the finished monkey from yesterday. I had a well good time drawing this up. No weapons; just a broom... (the huge sword is out of the picture at the top). Leaving the pen in the picture is a little tribute to the guy I'm going to post below. But first:

The hours-long colouring project from this morning and a couple of hours of this afternoon. Pretty happy with it. I normally cross-hatch to shade or whatever, but I decided to try and be disciplined this time and only make the lines, leaving the shading to photoshop. I don't know if it's paid off, but hey, it's always good to try new things.

Here it is! This is by 't-wei' over at deviantART. I love the way he just takes photos of his line work and colours it in photoshop without editing out the surrounding pens, fingers and sketchbook edges. It doesn't detract from the movement and energy of his drawings, rather, it adds character to his pieces in a lovely way.

Here's the link to his gallery:

I have a filter on there and I noticed two of the images on his first page - at present - are blocked, so apologies for boobs if that's what the images contain. It's either that/those or gore. So another sorry for that if that's what's there.

Speaking of; it seems as though I'm constantly being followed by scantily-clad womenbots on Twitter. Is this common for all guys out there? There's nothing I post about that I can imagine they'd be picking up with a filter, so it baffles me. Three today, I think. Report, report, report :)

Hope your day is going great. It's nice to have been somewhat productive!
Thanks for reading.


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