Sunday, February 12, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XLII].

Apparently on Facebook chat, you can type in ':42:' and it will appear as a white number in a red box. This is only the case with the number 42.

My wifey and I have just got back from Genesis Conference and it was amazing! It was an incredible couple of days and we are so blessed because of it. We've met a load of incredible people and had the honour and privilege of hearing some phenomenal speakers.

The speakers included:
Elijah Tindall.
Jared Hall.
Pastor John Gray.
Craig Gross.
David Tyree.
Josh Mayo.

I will put more detail in tomorrow's post as to who these people are - we just need to get to bed because we're exhausted!

For today:

This was OneBand leading worship this evening. Every single member of the team did a fantastic job in helping us all to worship. It's not about the band and it's easy to tell that they know that. They worship and play their hearts out and it's both refreshing to see and encouraging to be part of.

It's a drawing. I've been taking notes all day.

I'm off to bed. I'll have more time tomorrow to tell you what went on last night and today, but I just can't at the moment :)


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