Friday, February 10, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XL].

-40 is the only point at which Celsius and Fahrenheit meet. It's cold.

Today, I got application forms from just about every business in the town. I've already handed a couple in, so I'll be hoping to give the rest back in tomorrow.

Talking of tomorrow... <---- go here and sign up. By this time tomorrow, we'll have already finished the first sessions. BUT NOT TO WORRY. It's not this time tomorrow yet, so there's still a whole lot of time to sign up. Or you can just turn up at 5:30 and pay on the door. $40. Bargain.

For today:

I did this yesterday but took a photo this morning. This was from about 20 yards with no scope. I'm pretty happy with it! I got another one too, but only really nicked the side of it.

This was me telling my wifey what I want to look like when I'm swing dancing. Not so much the stance.

Just watched a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey. It's getting good. Mudcats is on at the moment, but I think I'll go to bed. Need to save my energy for tomorrow night.


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