Saturday, February 4, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XXXIV].

+34 is the international direct-dial code for Spain.

Well, today has been fairly chilled out. There was some amazing sheet lightning on the way home and now that the storm has passed, we can relax and listen to the rain and the rolling sound of distant thunder. Speaking of that, big news! My little brother is in a band called Brontide and they are getting ready to release their new single - dates to come (when they tell me when they're releasing it). Also, he's going to be in Kerrang magazine (possibly only UK?) because he has just joined another band on a higher label. He's known them for ages and it's really encouraging to see him do so well. The other band is called Rolo Tomassi.

Check out Brontide at and their Facebook page at and their twitter feed at!/FUCKINGBRONTIDE (pardon the swear) :)

And check out Rolo Tomassi on twitter at!/rolotomassiband and on Facebook at

Proud brother, right here :)

For today:

Yea, that's right. PERMISSION TO WORK. Right here. It came through this morning. Only two months late, but in time for me to get some work here! I'm applying for my Social Security number tomorrow and then I'll be applying for a couple of jobs on Monday! Happy day!

Buh. Buuuuhhhh. A half-finished doodle starting with a low opacity scribble and going from there. I'd have finished it but there was a thunderstorm and I wasn't wanting to plug up my computer to the charger and other excuses. I do like pen, I have to say. It's taking a while to get used to photoshop.

Babysitting tomorrow. Should be fun. Hopefully the kids we're looking after enjoy sitting in the Social Security office :D


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