Monday, February 20, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [L].

Day 50! In another 50 days I'll be able to use another single character. Roll on, day 100.

50 kph is the speed limit on roads in Australia that have unspecified limits. Around 30 miles an hour.

Yesterday's date was great! My wifey and I are so blessed. We've been saving up to go out to eat at Shoguns for a couple of months. Literally. I've just got my permission to work and I'm still waiting for a reply to applications and my wifey is called in sporadically to work, so income is up and down. Mostly down. Saving for this date has been something that we've been doing and looking forward to since we went to Shoguns last September/October.

I had made a reservation. This made me feel two things. Posh because I've never made a reservation before and safe because it was the weekend after Valentine's Day and I was now happy with the fact that no matter how many people turned up, we'd have a seat.

So we got there late... Only by five minutes, but it was packed out. We had a word with the guy on the reception and although our names were down, they hadn't put down that I wanted a place around the Hibachi, so that was a slight worry. We got called to our places within 5 minutes, though, so that was nice. And at the Hibachi.

We got sat next to a family that had just come from the Razorback's basketball game. They were a lovely family - out to celebrate one of their daughter's birthdays (which was the day before), with another daughter having a birthday the day after. There were seven of them altogether, the mum and dad, their two daughters and three friends of the daughter with a birthday the day before.

The meal started and the guy came to the grill to start cooking for us. It was really nice. In a room of maybe 160 people, he recognised me from when my wifey and I went months before! Made me feel all warm-like. The guy next to me offered us a bite of his appetiser which was pretty good.

The meal progressed in the usual manner one does when eating with complete strangers - we talked on and off about the smaller matters of the evening, about how this restaurant has sister restaurants in the town they're from, etc. The usual talk, but just really pleasant.

Several times throughout our eating, the house lights went down - along with the tranquility of the place - and gave rise to strobing lights and a tune from the charts. Ugh. I think that sentence aged me. It was for individuals who were there celebrating a birthday. They were given a complimentary plate of mostly cream and everyone within earshot of the following shout-out request half-heartedly cheered happy birthday.

Well, the time came for this man's daughter to have her moment which I was actually quite excited about. They were on the same table and they were all really nice folks, so it was pretty exciting to wait for it. The man signaled the waiter and told him to bring over two extra plates for my wifey and me. Really nice! His wife cut the pretty sizable two-tier cake and dished it out. I got about a quarter of the top tier. Far too much to finish!

We chatted a little more and the waiter came over and presented this guy with the bill. I leaned forward to get ours and the waiter told me that he'd be back with it in a few minutes. Then he came round behind me and told me quietly that the guy we'd been sat next to had paid for us!

To say we couldn't believe it would be somewhat dishonest. We know our God is a God of huge blessing. It was so, so kind of this guy and his wife to pay for our meal and to share their cake. God blesses us in many ways and through people is one of those ways. This guy was a Godsend and after wishing us a pleasant night and receiving many thanks, he popped into the limo waiting for them outside and they went on their way.

It was an amazing night. God is so good! I know to a lot of people it's only a little thing, but to us it was huge. We'd been looking forward to it a lot and it was a sacrifice that we'd made in order to go. We wanted to invest the time into each other and spend time together in a date setting. It was amazing!

Anyway. That was last night.
For today:

My wifey and I had a practice for our swing dance this afternoon. The High School pageant is tomorrow night and the queens of the past years are going to be there performing. My wifey and I are swing dancing (thanks to youtube, for the most part). I'm really nervous, but after the practice this afternoon I'm a lot more confident. There's a whole lot more room up on this stage than there is in the living room at home!

A new creature for my game. It only has two feet, but they're razor sharp and he kicks real good. He's heavily armoured and is only vulnerable when he's in the air, but it's when he's in the air that you're in danger. Usually a scavenger, but known to actively hunt slower prey, they get very protective over two things - their food and their eggs.

I've had a great day. I'm going to draw a little bit more tonight and chill out with my wifey some more :)


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