Friday, February 3, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [XXXIII].

Mexico has 33 states.

I didn't take my camera out with me today, which I always regret. I went out with a good friend to the outdoors and we shot at sticks and things and walked round in the woods. I spent 20 minutes or so tonight trying to dig a thorn out of my leg. Worth it.

In light of not taking my camera with me, here's a disappointed post.
For today:

My hat also felt left out because I left it at home with my camera. So they teamed up for today's photo and now I'm sorry that I don't have anything more interesting to show you.

You know what? Some days I'm just not able to draw as much as I want. Or what I want. I'm in all day tomorrow, so after some cleaning, I can get back to drawing things that are fun and all that. I was going to hold my breath for the time it took for this image to upload to this blog, but I didn't even finish breathing in before it had done.

Bad day for photos and drawing, but a good day for being outside and doing things.

And hey, it's still a photo and a drawing.


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