Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [CXXXIV - CXXXVI].

Well it turns out that this couple of weeks was harder to keep track of than I thought it would be.  This is why I thought it would be a good idea to not post back when my wifey and I were at the Canvas Conference a couple of months ago.

It is, at present, 01:20.  I'm sat in the living room with my wifey realising that English TV is pretty much utter tripe and that there's nothing on that is more entertaining than a kick in the throat.  It's nice, I guess - it means we're not going to be wasting time sat in front of it.

No photos for the past few days - we have been focusing on getting our days and nights back in sync.  Although not too effectively.  The first night we were back, my wifey had a 4-hour nap while I played Skyrim.  It's an amazing game, but probably not great for getting over jetlag.

We've also been playing 'The Fisheye Game' with my family and friends.  Basically; I take the fisheye attachment off my lens and get the 'player' hold it in front of one of their eyes.  They keep their other hand by their side and when we say "Go," they open the eye that the lens is in front of, walk over to someone else and then high five them.  I've been hit in the face twice as the recipient of said high five.  The game needs refining somewhat.

Other than that, we've been catching up with some great friends and it's been really, really nice taking our time to get settled back in a bit.

Even though I'd like to get out and catch some snakes...

I'll be out tomorrow with the camera, weather permitting.  It's been rainy over the past couple of days, but I guess I'll have to leave the house at some point.  There are things out here that need photographing all up close, like.

Apologies for the lack of pictures - I'm going to remedy it.

In other news, I'm (re)learning Korean, albeit slowly.  I got the hang of it the other year while I was being taught by my housemates and friends from Korea, but since then I've not practiced it at all.  So it's back to the consonants and - soon - vowels.  I think character/letter combinations are next - I just need to get these consonants down.  It's really fun!

Now.  My dilemma is this:  do I play Skyrim a bit more or chill out on the sofa?


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