Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [CXXII].

The longest confirmed human lifespan in history is 122 years, 164 days.  That's pretty old.

It's been another pretty busy day.  We're trying our best to see everyone before we leave for the UK next week, so we're just packing out our days with visits and packing and final things.

For today:

My wifey and I were waiting for her mum to finish work this afternoon and we found a lovely little spot behind her offices.  This was our view as we lay on the picnic bench and chatted for half an hour.

Although it's not the most original idea for a nuisance character in a game (it's actually not even slightly original - I've been picking these things off me for a few days), I thought that it would be a pretty good idea nonetheless.  Basically, in one of the games I've been drawing up, these guys will attach to your character and - if they're not removed in time - they'll reduce a certain stat by one point.  If enough of them attach to your character, then the effect will be more noticeable.  The different shaped ticks affect different skills and stats - at the moment, I'm thinking that triangle tick could affect speed - a shoutout to Mr Rush of the Mr Men.  The more of these that attach to your character, the slower the character will start to get.  If they are not removed in time, then your character will lose these speed for good - or until you can replenish the stats and start moving quickly again.  Other ticks will affect accuracy, balance, health, etc.  Something that the player can see being affected so that they can do something about it before it's too late.

I'm off to bed so I can get up early and be productive tomorrow.  It's going to be a great day.

Tomorrow night see the last night of Josh Mayo at 180Remix in his main leadership role.  The guy is fantastic and he and his family are doing what God has told them to do and in this case, it's to move to Atlanta.  They are going to be missed more than I can get across here and they have had an impact that I can't even begin to hope to convey with typed words.  Although their move is going to be sad, it's also an amazing time and experience for everyone involved - yea - even the people saying goodbye.  This is a huge example of a transition well done.  We as the people that are led by this leadership group can see that an authority figure leaving is not a bad thing and that it can be done with no damage!  This is so big for people who have had parent figures move in and out of their lives, leaving damage and hurt in their wake.  This is showing people that a figure that we look up to and emulate can move out of our lives without tearing said lives apart.

Josh has two kids and they are really cool.  One thing that happened the other week will stay with me forever.

His family was called on stage after he had spoken on night.  His wife came on carrying their youngest, with their oldest running next to her.  As they came on stage, a look of fear came over hie eldest's face as he realised that he had just walked out in front of a few hundred people.  As he scanned the hall he got to a point about half way through when Josh - his dad - was on the stage between him and the crowd.  His face turned to a big, bright smile and he shouted "Daddy," as he burst into a run.

How safe must he have felt to have done that?!  I want my kids to have that fearlessness when their daddy is around.  More so when they see their Father in Heaven and He calls them to do what He has planned for them.  It was an amazing moment.

But for now, it's back to what I mentioned a few paragraphs ago.



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