Thursday, May 3, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [CXXIII and CXXIV]. Part 1.

Here's yesterday's post - we got home late after spending time with friends after church.  We're meeting up with people all day today starting with breakfast, so it's an early morning for us!

It was a great day.  I spend hours finishing my mural and I'm way happy that it's done now.  All I have to do is call the guy who wants it!  Then last night was the last Wednesday night for the youth pastor, Josh Mayo.  He's moving to Atlanta with his family very soon, so there was a big farewell night at church.  It was amazing.  At one point, people were asked to stand if they had been affected by Josh and Monica, his wife.  The whole room was on their feet - hundreds of people there and everyone knew that there would have been hundreds more that couldn't make it that would have stood.  You don't get that for short-term pastoring - when you stay for the long haul, you affect countless lives.  It was amazing.

We're off out very soon, so here are the photos!

One of my photos from the porch.  This is a close up of the doorbell light.  Pretty nice.

And another - a little moth.

And then this.  I'm pretty sure it's a ratsnake.  I got some close ups to check it out a bit more.  A good sized snake!  I'd love to have caught it while it was alive!

And then a bit of the mural.  I'll post it all once I've giving it to my friend.

That's it for now - go to run!


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