Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[Project:ThreeSixFive] Day [CXXVI - CXXX].

Well here's a big lump of a post to say hello and sorry for the lack of pictures that you are no doubt used to.  My wifey and I have been traveling a bit and there has been little to no time in the past few days to get on to an internet connection for longer then the time it takes to get onto Facebook and tell people that we are alive and well.

Mu camera hasn't been extremely busy over the past few days, but my wifey and I are having an amazing time nonetheless.  We are, at present, in Cincinnati Ohio - a lovely place that it much, much further south than I thought.  Kentucky is about 15 minutes away.

We are staying here for a few days at a friend's house and then on Saturday, Operation: Kickin' Rad Road Trip will commence.  Several of us are going to be driving up to Buffalo, New York and we are going to spend a couple of hours at Niagara Falls before a smaller number of us are going to brave the border of Canadia (I know) and run Operation: Nearly There with my wifey and myself.  Once my wifey and myself are safely checked in and farewells have been bid, the further Operation: Home Time will proceed to be put into action and within 13 hours, we should be back home in the UK.  Lovely!

So I just wanted to let you know that this is the reason my internet presence - my blog presence especially - is not going to be as solid as usual over the rest of this week.  Jetlag shouldn't be a problem because if we sleep on the way home we're going to be set up right.  So I could feasibly post on Sunday but I'm not going to promise because I might either be out catching up with my friends or asleep.  Either way, I'll post again soon.

Thanks for your patience.  I'll pop on and say hi again when I can.  Maybe with a picture next time!


Oh - P.S.  We saw the Avengers last night and right now, I have not got enough time nor do I have the muscle mass needed to type as much as I want to describe to you haw amazing the film is and how you should probably go and see it.  As usual, stay after the credits and then wait until the second lot of credits have gone by.  It's worth it.  I'd see it again right now.  Good grief.  It's at least as good as everyone has been saying.  I wouldn't normally go on about how amazing a film is because I know a lot of people have a lot of different tastes, but my word, this is an incredibly well-rounded, well-written, thoroughly enjoyable experience that you will regret not going to see if you stay at home and wait for the DVD.

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