Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More model work.

Thought I'd throw up another post before I go home.

Broady the Patient has been talking me through his way of modeling again - I was doing some Josh's way and it was going really well, but then my ortho didn't load, so I couldn't see what I was meant to be modeling...  Not that good if you can't really model confidently yet.

So here's the 'start with a square and go from there' approach:

From the left; a first basic shape.  I duplicated the thing after this, so I haven't got the very beginning.  But that's just a cube, so I'd hope you can picture it.  Then there's some more arm and leg stuff going on there next to it, followed by some torso shaping, more arms and a bit of leg work.  After that, I put a tail on it and shaped it up a bit more before then duplicating it again twice more - once for the shape I've been working on all day and then again so I could flip it and join the two together to get the full body.  Not too shabby.  Friday sees hands, feet, the head and a shell getting put on there.

I can't wait.

Right now, it's time to go home to my wifey!

I have a guest spot coming up soon on a friend's blog, so I'll get writing and posting that.  Exciting stuff!


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