Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blast from the past.

Found some charcoal sketches that I did a couple of years ago.

Tree frog.


I had a good laugh drawing these.  It's really nice getting your hands dirty and making a mess.

I've been having a look through some of the pictures from my year abroad and it's nice to see the bits I've done but didn't remember!

Here's a few things:

A couple of other charcoal bits.  I really enjoyed the two ways  I worked - the bottle at the top was very quickly putting down charcoal and erasing it and then putting it down again and taking it off again in order to build up the image.  The still life at the bottom was done by meticulously building up the charcoal in a much more refined, slower-paced, definite manner.  Both were really great fun to do, though.

Then I did a bit more colour-based stuff with pastels.  Mine's the skull and fabric.  Based on Degas' ballerina drawings.

Staying with the colour but moving to paint, this was a doodle that I did.  I usually have a sketchbook on my person and doodle a lot throughout the day.  While I was getting into learning how I could push paint round and all that, I did a series of small pieces.  They were anywhere from 3"x3" to 6"x6".  Good fun.

Back to the pens, I got a lovely Copic Ciao - the brush pen that they do.  I threw together a few pages of arm and leg gestural drawings.

Sculpture was one of the classes I took.  At the top is the skeleton for a huge papier mache beetle.  I did have more fun making the skeleton than I did in the rest of this project.  And I really didn't want to cover it up because I liked it the way it was.  But such is life.  At the bottom is a sculpture doodle.  I found that with two bottle caps, twisted wire, thread, string, paint and epoxy resin, I could make a bottle cap monster!

Silhouette of me on a huge artillery piece down the road from my wifey's place.

Even though we can only talk sporadically, this guy is still one of my amazing friends!  Brian and his wife Jenny showed me a huge amount of kindness and great friendship.  I love those guys.

Standard rifle picture.

That was fun, but now it's lunch time.


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