Friday, November 16, 2012


I don't know how many times I've told myself this.  And other people.  But I was working in Maya just now when I thought "I know.  I'm great with Maya, so I'll use this shortcut."  All of a sudden, my half-baked, half alien model seemed to wormhole in on itself and I couldn't undo it.

Just as I was shouting at myself and flailing my arms (I find this helps in any situation), the good old Broady came over and proceeded to correct the problem.

I saved it straight away and have done several times since it happened ten minutes ago.

Live and learn and all that.

Here's what I'm working on at the moment:

I'm going about it in a (theoretically) much easier way and my hope for this model is to get it printed in 3D.  Not the great 3D that I got these printed in:

No, no.  That would require texturing and all of that.  No, I'm going with a solid colour just so I can get the basic shape.  It's cheaper to use the method that gets me the same colour, too, so that's another plus.

Thinking about it; I think I may try one more way of modeling the next time I start.  It'll be slower to get going, but I think it'll save a bit more time once I've connected up all the faces and edges and verts and whatever else I decide to merge and fuse and bond.

A little more news right now; I am now the proud and excited owned of Brink and Borderlands 2.  Fun stuff.

I wanted Brink since I saw the trailer for it a long time ago.  I waited for the release and then realised that I wouldn't really have time to play it and I'd also probably want to wait until we have the internet so I can get online.  Unfortunately, a shedload of patches were released within a day of the game's release which I think hampered what could have been a huge start to the game.

Borderlands had me gripped - much to the dislike of my wifey.  Playing the main game and two of the DLCs was really fun and although I still have some achievements to get (which I so very desperately need to get), I'm about ready to start the new game and get going.

I got it pre-owned, as I do most of my games (I got Brink for £3).  I missed out on the Borderlands 2 half price week last week, which sucks.  It'd have been the first brand new game I'd have bought in a long time.  But hey.  I still got it fairly cheap.  And it's still Borderlands 2.

I may well spend a little more time on this alien model and update again in a bit.


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