Friday, November 9, 2012

Sketchbook work again.

Just another quick update with a load of pages I've scanned in today. It's work I've been doing over the past couple of months, but I've only now put it onto the computer.

This is from a second sketchbook that I draw in.  I have a third that I will try and scan in next week to complete the collection!

As I may or may not have said in a previous post, I tend to work with two sketchbooks in front of me.  This way, when the pages start filling up I don't have to keep flicking back and forth to see what I'm wanting to continue.  It works.  The problem is, though, that when I come to scan in one sketchbook at a time, although in itself the sketchbook is in order, there are pages in other sketchbooks that I have to slip in between them.  It also means I use a lot of commas.

Just to let you know - the page that I create this post in is wider than my actual blog, so some of the descriptions will be a bit off.  For the most part, read 'left' as 'top' and 'right' as 'bottom'.  There's also a sneaky, three-page description nearer the bottom, so stay on your toes.  Thanks.

Here's the stuff from Sketchbook number 2:

Here are the first two pages from the year.  On the left are the notes from my first lecture.  Notes which I didn't really have to take, since we were giving a handout straight after with everything on.  I did enjoy the doodling, though.  That was worth it.

McDonald's is a very nice place to work.  We go there, get a coke and while my wifey goes online and catches up with her folks, I draw and take notes on what I'm wanting to do.  On the right is the first page from one of these Maccies sessions.  It came after having a good idea of what I wanted to do, so I was pretty focused.  It's also the first place I drew the body shape that the aliens - increasingly - look like they are having.

On the left here, I was bouncing ideas around with a friend here at uni and seeing what the possibility was of creating a game that has a lot of information stored and ready to use - what the best type of data storage would be, how to go about uploading it and receiving it, etc.
On the right is another page of notes.  For both pages here, I was thinking about what items I could include in my game, what sort of storyline the game would follow and what sort of additions I could think of - in terms of releasing the game and carrying on creating more useable cards for the game in the future.  Already...

The page on the left is called 'The pros, cons and everything else that comes with deciding whether or not to fight for or against the alien race that reanimated your corpse.'  I wanted to think of the storyline as soon as possible so that I could design with it in mind - environments, characters, items, etc.  I thought it might be important.

On the right is a page of designs for the main character.  I started drawing him in a style taht I don't really use to get a feel of his shape and general design.  I drew the guy again in my more used style after that at the bottom right of the page.  Next to him is a few doodles on what I thought the layout could look like on the device that the game would be played on.

It was between these pages and the next ones that I drew out an orthographic of the main character and started to model him.

From there, I thought I'd go about drawing out what the alien race would look like.  The good guys.  I was modeling the main character and it hit me that instead of creating him and the working backwards from his implanted arm to create the aliens, it'd be better to draw out the aliens and then add their arm to the main character.  It looks the same anyay, but it sort of made sense to me at the time.
The top of the left page has a rabbit playing the trumpet.  I'm thinking things through for a big design for a friend.  The spider-thing next to that is from a game I created a few years ago.  So is the little blue guy next to that.
At first I drew the alien with a snake body to see what it'd be like.  I thought it was alright.  I think it'll suit the enemy characters better.
I worked on these two pages in a very roundabout way.  It's all here, so let's see if you can find them in the order I drew them;  first I threw some basic shapes and body-type ideas down to see what suited the aliens; from there I drew the centaur-type body but didn't really like it; then I scrawled out the regular body - two big arms, two little arms, two legs - I liked it; I drew out running poses and movement ideas before then - finally - scrawling out some heads.  I think it was through this process that I decided to give the aliens their shells and turned out thinking of a heirarchy based on shell shapes and conditions.  A good couple of pages.
Since then I've drawn the aliens out again and again.  They're in the elusive third sketchbook, so they'll be shown next week.  This one I did on a tag that was in my pocket after work.  I put a thicker border on it in an effort to make it look a little like a drawing by an artist I follow.  I like it.  I think it worked.  Coloured it in Photoshop this afternoon.

Then another drawing I did in a lecture this morning.  Coloured up there on the right and then textured somewhat at the bottom here.  Broady, the reluctant-but-patient Maya hint-giver textures his characters in a similar way.  I grabbed an image of a map turtle (because they have some nice patterns) and put it behind my line drawn layer and my colour layer.  Flicking through the layer options (normal, multiply, etc.), I stopped when I found one I liked.  I forget which one it was now.

In an effort to map my thinking, I got another turtle picture and did the same thing - this time making a note of the layer options I liked and then putting them all onto the same page with the setting below the image.  Clever, right?

It's been a pretty good day.  I'm going to be experimenting somewhat next week with the layout of this blog to make it a bit more friendly.  It'll more than likey be seeing some sort of problematic layouts before I find the one I like.  Trial and error and all that.  Apologies in advance for that.

Also, it's my birthday on Monday.  Huzzah!  Little me will be turning 26.  I'm nearly a grown-up.

Have a great weekend.  And have some cake for me.


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